'The world is a place where parts of wholes are described' 


Lyric from the song 'Smells Like Content' from The Books. Album Lost and Safe 2005



Psychology of Puzzles Collage and Painting ( Recent Work )


I find myself constantly trying to make sense of fragments. It's putting something back together in a form that denies any need to restore an original context. Life is constantly under revision. It changes as we change.  


Jenny Odell writes in How To Do Nothing, "To seek a context is to acknowledge that you don't have the whole story. Perhaps more importantly understanding takes time. Context is what appears when you hold your attention open for long enough; the longer you hold it, the more context appears".


Clues are offered from a neighbour and a construction begins.  Simple colour constraints help to quieten my mind. How am I going to fix this abstract problem? I don't know, nobody knows. How do people fix their problems? They puzzle together a philosophical framework. Its comprised of many fragments, that are conscious and subconscious. The lions share of our behaviour is subconscious and to that end I am interested in play as a way of activating something deeper.


Recently I have expanded into painting by literally mimicking my collage investigations. Collage studies and drawings allow for a play element to enter. Once a composition is established I  recognize the duality of the process as preconceived and chancy. The map is there, but at some point paint usually does its own thing. Embracing the contradiction, of intentional mapping and contingency allows for life and art to coincide.



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