Painting 2020

Thinking about the word landscape as a verb is helpful as it describes the terrain as ever-changing, atmospherically and geologically. The 'climate' of my painting changes constantly too, through small gestures that talk to the many. Talking to Abstract expressionism, talking to landscape painting, talking to indigenous painters. Talking to an internal landscape shaped by the uncertainty of our time.  Like the medium I'm using, I try to remain open to where it wants to take me.  The most fascinating aspect about painting for me is it's fluidity, literally and figuratively.

Small Sculpture Finalist

10 April - 10 May 2020

The Small Sculpture Prize is a National Award for an original free-standing or wall sculpture up to 800mm in any direction and has a Premier prize of $3000

Proudly sponsored by Perpetual Guardian and in association with Te Motu, the Small Sculpture Prize is presented by the Waiheke Community Art Gallery.

Here I am with 'What does a Rock Mean?' Its a cardboard, paper, acrylic paint construction. 400mm x 350mm 

Works On Paper 2020

These works form the language of my painting. For me works on paper are a key component when painting in a fluid medium. There is constant learning about the way paint moves. The most challenging part of working this way is developing the necessary discernment of knowing when a work is finished. A work may start and finish in a day, a week or month, which aligns with the unpredictability of the medium.



Click on the link below to see what works on paper are available.   

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