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Antony Densham selected finalist, National Contemporary Art Award 2023

Each year the National Contemporary Art Award brings the best in Aotearoa contemporary art to the Waikato. The finalists on display are selected via a blind-judging process by the annually appointed judge. Its an honour to be a part of this Exhibition. My work C15.2023 is pictured next to the winner Tawhai Rickard (Ngaati Uepohatu, Ngaati Porou) with his work titled ‘Scenes from a Victorian Restaurant’.

This year's exhibition will be open from Saturday 29 July to Sunday 12 November. Entry is free.


Vista: A mental view of a succession of remembered or anticipated events. -Oxford Languages online.


Please join us for the opening of 'Vista' at Blue Gallery on Saturday November 18 at 3pm where you can view new paintings by Antony Densham.



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