Small Sculpture Finalist

10 April - 10 May 2020

The Small Sculpture Prize is a National Award for an original free-standing or wall sculpture up to 800mm in any direction and has a Premier prize of $3000

Proudly sponsored by Perpetual Guardian and in association with Te Motu, the Small Sculpture Prize is presented by the Waiheke Community Art Gallery.

Here I am with 'What does a Rock Mean?' Its a cardboard, paper, acrylic paint construction. 400mm x 350mm 

Works On Paper 2020

Ive used mediums to extend my acrylics in order to stack translucent layers. Theses are uncertain times that have me and many other artists fossicking around in the dark. A lot of the works have layers that build up into some density, but there are some light moments too where I have decided to pause and leave the work in a more ethereal state. Conceptually these works are about the unknown, contingencies and being ok with provisional structures. Im fascinated by this process of manipulating paint in various ways, and could happily work at the 30 x 40cm scale but Im sure the itch will push me to go larger. These works are available. Just click on the link below.

Psychology of Puzzles 2019

Collage and Painting 


I find myself constantly trying to make sense of fragments. It's putting something back together in a form that denies any need to restore an original context. Life is constantly under revision. It changes as we change.  


Clues are offered from a neighbour and a construction begins.  Simple colour constraints help to quieten my mind. How am I going to fix this abstract problem? I don't know, nobody knows. How do people fix their problems? They puzzle together a philosophical framework. Its comprised of many fragments, that are conscious and subconscious. The lions share of our behaviour is subconscious and to that end I am interested in play as a way of activating something deeper.




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